National Roads Authority to Embark on Major Roads Maintenance Works



Come mid-April, 2022 The National Roads Authority (NRA), is expected to embark on major road maintenance  as contractual works has been signed since March, 2022  for the communities of Banni – Salikene- Njaba Kunda roads, Brufut – Madiana – Banykang – Kunkunjang roads, resurfacing of sections on the Soma –Basse highway and Kudang – Bansang.

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                Momodou Senghore, Managing Director, National Roads Authority -NRA

The main aim of these maintenance works is to improve the much-needed urban circulation and to provide alternative routes for road users and to minimize congestion on our key urban roads.

According to recent updates from the authority, when completed, this development will also connect major communities in rural Gambia to have access to schools, health and agricultural centers and boost tourism.

Similarly, maintenance works for the following communities have started long since and in progress. Kolongba Road (Dippa Kunda), Bakoteh Silo (Dippa Kunda), Brikama Garage – Sandika Road, (Serrekunda) and Lamin- NTC bypass.

These major roads maintenance works came at a time, when construction of major urban roads in preparation for the much talked about Organization of Islamic Conference- 0IC, which the Gambia is expected to host this year.

It is an open secret that in the Gambia, traffic congestions are a daily issue that, when these roads are completed and that of the OIC roads, such issues like road traffic congestions would be a think of the past.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that most of these roads when completed, will be provided with proper traffic signs boards, drainages, speed humps and other roads furniture.

One of the mission statement of the National Roads Authority (NRA), is to provide safe, reliable and well-maintained road network for socio-economic development of the Gambia.