MOTWI: Over Four Hundred Million Dalasi Roads Project to be  Ready in 12 Months


Ministry Of Transport Works and Infrastructure

Under the auspices of the rural roads construction program which saw the successful launching of the China-aids URR roads & bridges in 2018, the North Banks Nuimi-Hakalang in 2020, Sabach Sanjal 2020 and the Saloums-Nianija in  2020, His Excellency,  Adama Barrow, President of The Republic of The Gambia on Monday, 12th July, 2021 launched the Kiang-west roads network, starting from Sankandi to Karantaba in the Lower River Region, costing over four hundred million dalasi will last for 12 months.

The project, which will be in phases, is expected to cover the first phase of  39 kilometers of road networks within Kiang, as at now, out of a total of 87 kilometers road networks to be  entirely funded by the government of The Gambia.

Speaking at the grand launching event at Sankandi football ground, Hon. Bai Lamin Jobe, Minister of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, said the ultimate aim of this phase of the project is to connect major districts in Kiang, such as Kemoto, Tankular, Joly, Jali, Manduar and the rest of the other settlements in the hinterland of Kiang, in a bid to bring them closer to the main south bank road of The Gambia.


Hon. Bai Lamin Jobe, Minister of Transport, Works and Infrastructure at the launching of the Sankandi / Karantaba roads project



“The road would be constructed in two lanes, and it is expected to be a standard road with all the necessary requirements, such as culverts and drainage systems,” he said.

According to Minister Jobe, when completed in totality,  the SanKandi – Karantaba road projects will have a bridge, linking Kiang and Foni over the Bintabolong, stating that this landmark project will not only benefit the people of Kiang and the Lower River Region but The Gambia as a whole.


“Our goal is to reduce the travel time of commuters in the region and Kiang in particular, facilitate trade among the surrounding villages and towns, by easing their movements among other issues and to provide alternative routes to Kiang via Foni especially when phase two of the road project is completed,” he said.

Mustapha Gai, Chairman of Gai Group and Cherno Gaye of City Scapes Associates consultancy firm, both spoke on behalf of their companies’ readiness to deliver a quality work.

President Adama Barrow, in his launching statement, said when completed, the project is expected to connect thousands of communities in that part of country in terms of trade, access to health care services, education, and agriculture among other issues.


                       President Barrow, arriving at the event


“The laying of the foundation stone marks yet another significant milestone in the efforts and drive of my government to expand and improve the conditions of the roads in all regions in this country,” he said.


By Lamin Njie

Assistant Information Officer

Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure