Ministry of Transport Sensitization on Interstate Road Transport Protocol at Amdali

INTERSTATE ROAD TRANSPORT COMMITTEE, that was established to ensure the implementation of the transport agreement, that was signed during the presidential council meeting embarked on a day long sensitization at the Amdali border on Tuesday 11th February, 2020.


The purpose of the engagement is to sensitize the transport operation and the security agents that are attach at the border on the protocols regarding the modalities in the implementation of the Interstate Road Transport agreement signed by the two countries.

It could be recalled that, the process of implementing the agreement has already kickoff. The Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure of The Gambia, has already permits for transport operators to start plying across the border, unfortunately the Senegalese transport union intervened to stop the Gambian people from crossing into Senegal, thereby frustrating the implementation of the Interstate Road Transport Protocol Agreement signed by the two republics

Notwithstanding, the Gambian authorities and transport operators continued to exercise maximum restrain putting into consideration that, the two countries have so much mutual interest to collaborate on. Meanwhile the authorities in The Gambia will continue to exhaust all diplomatic protocols and channels to continue engaging Senegal in a bit to persuade their transport union to comply with rules of the Interstate Road Transport Protocol agreement.