The ICC (International Conference Center), which is a grant by the people’s Republic of china, is a state of the art facility consisting of a plenary hall with seating capacity of 1,021, four adjourning conference halls, VIP rooms, bilateral rooms, press room, meeting rooms, offices, banquet hall, and entertainment spaces with beautiful fauna and sea view. The ICC (International Conference Center) is a symbol of the friendship and cooperation between The Gambia and The People’s Republic of China.

It is going to be a landmark building, with a footprint of 7 hectares, including the vehicles parking area, all within a total allocated property area of 13 hectares. The building will house:

  • a conference hall, capacity of 1021 persons;
  • 4 thematic rooms, each of 200 persons;
  • 14 bilateral meeting rooms;
  • 4 press rooms;
  • Banquet halls, etc. 

The Centre is a grant from the Peoples Republic of China, worth about US$ 50 million.




Contracting Authority: The Government of The Gambia, Represented by The Ministry of Transport Works and Infastructure

Supervisor Engineers: Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure


Contractor: Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Ltd of China

Grant Sum:  US$ 50 million grant by the People’s Republic of China



Contractor: Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Ltd of China

Duration: 24 Months                            

Funding: Grant from the People’s Repubic of China.

Rename As: Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Center in January 2020.


The centre will host national, regional, and international conferences, and will make our country a recognized destination for such events as well as add value to our hospitality industry, will put the country on the map, and will bring various organizations to the country, from the region and from around the world; these opportunities by themselves are certain to be of benefit to the people of this country.