On-Going Construction Of The New Chancery Building for the Gambia Embassy in Saudi Arabia


The construction of the new chancery building for the Gambia embassy in Saudi Arabia is to provide office accommodation and residence for the Ambassador and the Embassy staff to help them in effectively carry out their duties and furthermore, cut down or save huge spending on rent payments in the long term.




Contracting Authority: The Gambia Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

Contractor: Show Lag Construction



Contractor: Show Lag Construction

Duration: 24 Months

Contract Sum: USD 4,774,718.00

Funding: The Gambia Government


The construction of a new chancery residence building was conceived in 2015, following Government’s intention to develop the land allocated to the Gambia in Riyadh since 1989.

The Chancery building project comprises of the following:

  1. Area of 526m2
  2. Office spaces (Ambassador, Deputy Ambassador)
  3. Meeting Rooms
  4. Visa Processing area on the ground floor

The Ambassador’s residence is a two-story building encompassing an area of 537m2. The building has:

  1. Two guest rooms
  2. Lounge
  3. Family Lounge
  4. Kitchen on the ground floor
  5. Five bedrooms and two main master bedrooms for the ambassador, a lounge for the family and outdoor terrace