23 March 2020

Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure (MOTWI), in line with the advices of the Ministry of Health, the Cabinet Committee on the CONVID-19, and the WHO, is instituting the following measures at the Transport Sector level to assist in the combat against the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19. MOTWI reviews periodically, as the situation evolves, the measures put in place and enforced since 23rd March 2020, 23:59.


An internal memo has been circulated to staff of the Ministry and Public Enterprises under the sector, to observe strictly social distancing, to decongest offices, to alternate attendance, and to limit attendance only to essential staff.

General Advice for Commuters

  • Truckers carrying transit goods and public project construction materials are required to have on board only the driver and an apprentice;
  • Commuters are urged to plan ahead and to travel outside peak hours to avoid crowding at transit points;
  • All are urged to stay home, and avoid travelling other than for essential errands;
  • If, unwell and feeling feverish, showing symptomatic signs, you are urged to go on self-isolation at home, report to health facilities or call the emergency number 1025
  • Security personnel and cleaning squads will be deployed to buses, ferries and garages, particularly in high-traffic areas, to keep the peace, to fumigate and to spray disinfectants;
  • Frontline staff are urged to wash their hands regularly and to use hand sanitizer to limit the spread of the virus.



Vehicular Transport

  • Introduction of stringent cleansing and disinfectant regimes for both public garages and onboard vehicles;
  • Increased public health messaging at garages, stations and Transport offices;
  • Logistics provision of hand sanitizer across the network;
  • Closure and restriction of traffic as may be necessary to restrict movements;
  • All commercial vehicles to limit the number of passengers to not more than half of the authorized limit;
  • Passengers using public transports must wear masks;
  • Private vehicle users to limit vehicle occupancy to maximum of three (3)
  • All vehicles to have hand sanitizers onboard and all garages to have hand washing facilities;
  • Private sector organizations/employers to allow employees to work from home or arrange safe pick up services;

Air Transport

  • All flights of the Banjul International Airport are suspended with exception of medical cargo flights and special flights, which require special permit before arrival;
  • Provision of temperature checking at the terminal;
  • Mandatory self-quarantine of crew members, upon arrival;
  • Provision of hand sanitizers, hand washing facilities and protective materials for the staff;
  • Reduction of staffs working to only essential staffs.

Maritime Transport

  • At all ferry crossings, maximum of four (4) trips daily, with 50% staff reduction;
  • Restriction of number of crew members on the ships;
  • Disinfecting of the Ferries after each trip;
  • Provision of Temperature checking at the ferry terminal;
  • Restriction of ferry terminal waiting area to only the elderly and the differently abled people;
  • Provision of protection gears to the crew and essential ferry staffs;
  • Partnership with Red cross in promoting health and safety at the terminal and onboard the ferries and at terminal sites;
  • Use of PA system to sensitize travelers on basic hygiene as per the advice of the Ministry of Health;
  • All ferries to stop operations by 7pm daily.