The Gambia Government through the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure has received a grant funding from the African Development Bank (ADB) for the construction of Trans-Gambia Bridge at Bamba Tenda-Yelli Tenda. The construction of this Bridge is a commitment of the country’s leadership to address the needs of the Gambian people among which include cross border improvements.

Trans-Gambia Road Transport Corridor is an economic and strategic link connecting the northern and southern parts of both The Gambia and Senegal, and by extension ECOWAS countries through the corridor between Dakar and Lagos.



Contracting Authority: The Government of The Gambia, Represented by The Ministry of Transport Works and Infastructure

Executing Agency: Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure and National Roads Authority.



Contractor: Corsan Corviam Construction and AREZKI S.A.  JV

Contract Sum:  € 51,699,998.99


Bridge Structure:

Structure: Prestressed Box Girder

Length: 942 m on 15 spans, a 100m wide navigation span of 17m air draught.

Width:  two lanes of 3.65m width, 1.7m m walkway on either side.

Access Roads: 300m in the south and 660m in the North, built on earth embankments.



Contractor: Corsan Corviam Construction and AREZKI S.A.

Duration: 36 Months                            

Life expectancy of the Bridge: 100 years

Navigability of the River: is guaranteed for all river-going vessels.

Contract Sum in Excess of: GMD 3.5 billion Dalasi as grant funding by The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Funding: The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and AREZKI S.A.

Rename As: Senegambia Bridge January 2020.

It is a magnificent bridge, and more important, it ends the long years of travel constraints endured by people using the corridor. Many farmers in both Senegal and the Gambia have experienced their produce rotting in stranded trucks awaiting their turn to cross the river.  It ends the suffering and even deaths of patients referred to the Farafenni Hospital, as they lay in ambulances waiting to be ferried across.  It ends the ordeal of many travelers on the route spending days on end, waiting to cross the river, or waiting for a broken-down ferry to be fixed….

This bridge will immediately serve as a major component of the trans-Gambia corridor, which is indispensable to the development, integration, and trade within the Sene-Gambia, and the ECOWAS sub-region.  Thus, the SENEGAMBIA BRIDGE

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