Road Map Toward The Establishment of a Road Database

26May '16

Road Map Toward The Establishment of a Road Database

The Ministry of Transport Works and Infrastructure on 16th and 17th of May 2018 organizes a 2 day workshop on carving a road map toward the establishment of a state-of-the-art Road Database Management System in The Gambia. It will be the first of its kind in The Gambia.

The road database management system will enhance road related governance. In this era of data revolution, data is not only important for decision makers but serves as a guide to private investment decisions, our development partners and multilateral agencies require data to make their intervention and development decisions. There are a lot of indicators in road transport, like the Average Daily Traffic indicators (ADT), traffic counts, traffic surveys, baseline surveys, feasibility studies and surveys, there are public transport indicators, freight indicators, can’t name them all here, urban mobility indicators, % of urban population living in less than 2 kilometers of an all weather butiminized road, and other indicators that foreign direct investors and donors use to assess the economic viability of investments, policy makers use them to determine what areas to invest in. I was involved in the baseline studies for the trans- Gambia bridge without which there would not have been any bridge. Before any major road infrastructure is commissioned there has to be some traffic and baseline survey done. So a database system will avail us the opportunity to produce, analyze and store reliable statistics.
A road database will also be extended to the police and other road stakeholders for security and crime prevention. Road safety data and a database interfaced with the police for licensing, criminal record system will soon see a laptop in every police patrol vehicle with a database system such that the police within a click can access information on drivers and road users, be able to respond to crimes and distress calls on time, mount security cameras and traffic cameras to key junctions manned by trained staff for effective road traffic management. There will be less congestion on roads, traffic lighting systems will be adopted such that lights will give priority to long queue lanes etc. So is it important for the transport unions and the transporters who use the manifest system. It is also important for the Inter- state regional transit scheme in ensuring effective queuing system. It has an environmental dimension also by reducing carbon emissions due to effective traffic management. A road database has unlimited effect on road transport and the economy as a whole. It enhances transport sector governance and once it is interfaced with the maritime and air transport database you will have an integrated transport sector database management system.

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