The project has a strategic focus of alleviating the constraints which impair the realization of the full potential of the Trans-Gambia Corridor, an important link in the Trans-West Africa, Dakar-Lagos Corridor. The project is designed to eliminate physical barriers and reduce non-physical impairments. To achieve these goals, the Trans-Gambia Bridge will be constructed across the Gambia River and Cross Border Improvement interventions undertaken along the corridor and at the international border crossings along the corridor.

Mitigating measures have been built into the project to address any negative impacts the project might have on the environment of the project influence zone (PIZ) as well as measures to palliate adverse social impacts on the affected persons due to loss of farmland for the farmers, loss of business for the traders at the ferry landings sites or loss of employment for the ferry service personnel. Compensation packages and/or resettlement plans are included in the project for these groups.

One component of the project provides for the construction of feeder roads to link the agricultural production areas to the main transport corridor and markets. This component also includes the construction of a market on either bank of the river to resettle the traders from present ferry landing sites.


  • Client: Corsan
  • Completed Date: March 02, 2019
  • Budget: UAE 63,000,000. 00
  • Duration: 4 Years


  • Lamin Koto Road
  • Construction of Trans-Gambia Bridge
  • Kerewan – Farafeni Road
  • Arch 22 – Hagan Street
  • Marakissa Bridge
  • Sankulay Kunda Bridge
  • Hagan Street
  • Barra – Amdallai Road
  • Barra – Kerewan Road
  • MandinaBa – Seleti Road
  • Soma-Basse – Wellingara Road
  • MandinaBa – Soma Road
  • Construction of feeder roads in Fonis
  • Brikama – Darsilami Road
  • Bund Road
  • Buckle Street
  • Kololi – Senegambia Road
  • Sting Corner Road and Culvert